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8700K on Asrock Extreme4 Board

I just upgraded my system after about 5 years and got the 8700K and put it in the Asrock Extreme4 mother board. I'm noticing that while doing any kind of stress testing using the various test suites - Aida64, Prime95 and so on - that when under any kind of load, the CPU seems to sit at 4300GHz (x43) and doesn't want to go higher. I have it set to Turbo boost 5.0GHz and set it to all cores. But for some reason I will only see it go to 5.0GHz when it just started to do something for a second or so and then it goes steady at 4.3GHz.

Is there something I'm doing wrong? Are there settings I'm not taking into consideration? I'm giving it all the power it needs as far as I can tell.

Any help would be appreciated.
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