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ZE BIOS 1402 http://www.mediafire.com/file/rtbvdr...-1402.zip/file

- Only test if you're brave enough
- TR2 ready
- Cold boot should be fixed again, let me know otherwise
- EC firmware update (MBEC-X399-0218)
- Flashing to older versions disabled

Note1: I have not been able to test this version myself

Note2: There's an issue with EC FW updates on the recent BIOS versions, which means that if you flash this version and then go back using USB BIOS Flashback you might get stuck updating the EC firmware. From what I've found it will not brick the board, you can use USB BIOS Flashback to the new version again and it will work again. There should also be older BIOS versions available that works for EC flashing. 0305 for example is the first BIOS with MBEC-X399-0211, and should not have this issue. After flashing 0305 you can flash whichever later version you want.

Threadripper 2 info

Any existing motherboard will have major problems when overclocking the new 24/32C CPUs. The very low output voltage (default can be as low as 0.900V) really kills VRM efficiency. SOC current is almost doubled due to twice the number of dies being active, it can reach 60-70A when running memory at 3200MHz and above at increased SOC voltages. Additionally voltage monitoring on the board is reading way off under load due to the extreme currents. We have implemented improved EC readings from the VRM controllers for CPU/SOC/DRAM which will be available whenever we get a bios with ACPI WMI. Those voltages are not yet used by BIOS or AiSuite, I'll attempt to get that as well.

Quote: Originally Posted by aTsgRe View Post
@elmor , here on ASUS promotional material states BIOS versions that have not been released or beta tested; the numbers for ZE are quite higher than the last one you previously posted -- care to comment?


This BIOS version is what went out the the reviewers for TR2.

Quote: Originally Posted by aTsgRe View Post
on other news, every other MB manufacturer has already TR2 BIOSes and now we have a launch date which is next week... those buying TR2 with Zenith are going to have a fun time... given how tested are these "internal" BIOSes that are yet to be released and tested by a wider audience -- I hope that I would be pleasantly surprised but I given their track record I sincerely doubt it...

@elmor , any news on the BIOS support and ACPI WMI interface?

I've had test BIOSes since several months... Still waiting for a version which has all the fixes combined. The versions released for C6/C7 were still lacking some parts and had several bugs.

Quote: Originally Posted by ENTERPRISE View Post
This is kind of turning into an unfortunate joke. This theme is getting very common from Asus now. They are the last to bring out a BIOS for TR2 and there is no update as to progress from them on this front. They still have time, but they are choosing to cut it rather fine.

Not only that but Asus do not seem to be very forthcoming with a clear path on requesting the cooling kit. Granted we can contact Asus Support, but that is not really the most efficient way to claim. As TR2 is compatible with this board I am sticking with it, but after that point my next motherboard may have to be from another manufacturer, or stick with Asus only for Intel products.

I'll try to get an answer on how to get the cooling kit.
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