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Adaptive and offset will add what you set in that ontop of what your stock voltage for each core is. Each core will have its own seperate voltage depending how intel binned it.
Im using offset voltage and per core overclock since my 2 best cores do 5.1ghz easily. Where the rest take a bit of a push to just get 5ghz.

If im remembering correctly before I was de-lidded I was running -0.015 offset which got me to 1.2v on the lower quality cores. 1.190 on the average cores and 1.175v on the 2 good cores which had me at 4.6ghz
Now im running a + 0.135 offset for the 5.1ghz cores and + 0.115 offset for the 5ghz cores which gives me the voltage as you see in my screen shot.

Im running -4 AVX and -9 AVX512 offsets which is 1 hour stable on AIDA FPU stress. Could probably run them higher speed but I dont run anything AVX so didnt care.

HWinfo 64 is better for monitoring temps and speeds IMO.
There are good gains to be had overclocking the CPU cache as well. 3ghz is easy to get. 3.2ghz takes quite a bump in voltage.

For my stress and stability testing I used.
Cinebench 1st off while watching "Windows Hardware Errors (WHEA)" in HWinfo.
If it passed that then I did 1 hour of realbench.
If it passed that I did 1 hour of AIDA FPU stress test.

Then finally played some games while having OBS running recording in MakeMyCPU hurt setting and limited to 18 threads. (2 threads left for the game)
That was the hardest one to pass and got my CPU the hottest of all the tests. Havnt had any crashes at all since passing all those tests and had over 1000 hours up time between forced windows updates.

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