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Quote: Originally Posted by Dotachin View Post
I don't get it, I thought CaseLabs costumers were not into looking for bargains. And "The default of a large account"? Did they sell on credit? This is too abstract to me

edit: also I recall them posting about military contracts not long ago wth?
I highly doubt that, military aint paying those prices lol. We rockin cheapo dells and hp haha, well for most jobs. Kind of scary if they were selling on credit and didnt properly vet the customer to be able to pay, maybe they could have sold to me on credit before this? lmao

Quote: Originally Posted by Shiftstealth View Post
My guess is that they took orders before they had product. Then they took orders, and the tarrifs hit. This probably caused them to take a loss on their products. Thus they're going out of business rather than lose money fulfilling orders that cost more than they charged now.
Oh that is a scary thought, if they did that it should be considered criminal.

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