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Because of what they offered and because i've been there, i know how that feels and i know what it's like, dealing with it (what to salvage, from equipment to furniture, talking to customers, talking to the banks, etc.) when all you want to do is cry/shout/kick something.

And because i can also recall what it was like afterwards.. debts were still there, responsibilites too, but no income and no youth anymore, ain't like you're in your twenties or something, the drive is.. lessened i suppose; so i sincerely hope things will improve for them elsewhere and that unlike mine at the time, this is a paper bankruptcy rather than a real one. That would be horrid, they don't deserve that. And they're good people too.

One of the few instances where i don't even know why i'm posting, so pointless..

* and selfish, isn't it.. our human nature. My first thought? "OMG, my second order is currently at customs, what happens if something's missing or broken?". Pffft.

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