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Some fair points made. I have wanted to go through the permissions system for a while to reconfigure Avatar Allowances Etc. With that in mind I have disabled Gifs for avatars, not only in order to optimise loading but due to the fact many do not come through well after the on the fly compression system. Ultimately Gifs are also fairly distracting in my humble opinion and I think we can leave these behind

Image sizes for Avatars are at 140x140 (They have been for a little while after this was deemed a good balance when the membership were consulted upon initial migration)
Profile Picture sizes are at 240x240

Avatar Max File Size:250KB
Profile Picture Max File Size: 250KB

We will see how we fair with that one for a while, we can revisit this again in the future.

Note that avatars uploaded prior to these changes will still remain until the user changes it. We wont forcibly change these.

The whole homepage area for the moment will remain as it is, this will get reviewed in time.

The smilies section, again this may well disappear naturally when we bring a new editor on board.

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