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So, just to recap and make it clear, the avatar image sizes up until now had no file size limit except for the general picture upload limit which is 9.54 MB, right? And now you enforced a limit of 250 KB, correct?

What about avatar picture sizes? As of right now 140x140 still hasn't been enforced, even visually, which makes for an inconsistent post and thread layout. The system could convert the bigger dimension to 140 pixels, keeping the aspect ratio, thus making all pictures use no more than the 140x140 allotted square. Why isn't this done?

Also, why doesn't the system convert all avatar pictures to .jpg and downscales them in picture and file size to the limits you mentioned, while keeping the aspect ratio, all the while leaving the originally uploaded picture in the member's picture gallery? That would work out well for everybody, the site would become faster and members wouldn't be losing their original files.

You say "We will see how we fair with that one for a while, we can revisit this again in the future.", but if nothing of the above gets done it will be a very long time until anything good happens, as you'll just have to wait until each individual member decides to change his / her avatar picture, including the animated GIFs.

Speaking of which, disabling GIFs is a debatable idea, I doubt it will go well with some people. At the end of the day it's all about taste, some are good, others are hideous and distracting and as far as I know those were already asked to be removed anyway (especially the ones that can cause seizures), just as unprofessional static images are removed. The main problem is file size, and in the examples I found, the worst offender, and by a lot, was a static image. A 140x140 animated GIF can perfectly stay under 250 KB.

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