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There were inconsistent permissions regarding the size and file size of the images across some usergroups meaning some would be within the aforementioned confines, others would not depending on usergroup the user belonged too. We should see an improvement there.

I will also be looking into further image compression ratios tomorrow to see if we can make savings in that respect.

The Post Icons as of tomorrow will also be removed from the site, the standard emoticons however will stay as per all prior iterations of OCN.

I also have changed some of the sites internal caching options which im hoping will help, but improvements on that due to the nature of caching will not be immediate.

The front page may get small revisions made to it depending on an assessment I will make further down the line. For now the front page is functioning and serves its purpose irrespective of user preference. With that in mind I am focusing on other site updates and fixes first that have a higher priority. I will cycle back to this later and get further feedback then 🙂

Gifs, possibly debatable for sure but for now they are disabled so far as avatars and profile pics go. You can still use them on posts.

More to come tomorrow as im out of the office now lol

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