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Personally speaking, i think it's all that bloat in the background; there are times when the site drags and task manager shows network at '0mbps'.
(have had this on a 1950X, a 2700X and on a 6900K, all with good OCs and equally OCed RAM sticks, 960Pro NVMEs on them all; sincerely doubt it's my hardware. Won't even question the OS, as this only happens here)

Also, the more i stay logged in, the more the site will drag; and because this could (i suppose? lol) be a lot of things, to explain what i do here; i don't read build logs or threads that usually have a lot of pics in them, ie heavy on traffic stuff; in fact, most of my time i just refresh the cooling section, see any new posts on either 'Air' or 'Water'. Even that falls under the above; refresh it now, go do a house chore, come back in 30 mins and refresh, slower; 45 mins later, even slower; and so on. Posting a reply, in any a post, is also slower than it was under the previous 'regime'; it loads and it loads and it loads before it refreshes the page with my post included. Sometimes, logging in takes an eternity too, others it doesn't. This is unrelated to whether i have other tabs open in the explorer or not, have tried it both ways.
Ever since the transition, my general experience with this site is.. far from a steady one, so couldn't possibly be more specific, apologies.

This on both Firefox 52.5.3 and IE11 (which yes, lol, i still use)

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