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Quote: Originally Posted by ENTERPRISE View Post
Glad you bought that up, after sleeping on it I realised there was no need for such a large file size limit for a 140x140 image. I will make adjustments to this sizing later today, on the cautious side I will likely set it between 75 -100 KB and go from there. *EDIT*, Will set it to 75Kb

As for the Post Icons, these are now disabled site wide, no need for them and something we can leave in the early 2000's.

Image quality has been altered as these were at 95% when being compressed, this has been dropped to 75%, a decent balance between quality and file size.

If they are being compressed does that mean that avatars pictures uploaded as PNG's will now be converted to .jpg's? If that is the case and considering the 75 kB file size limit, you can let them stay at 95% quality easily, they'll never reach 75 kB at 140x140, you'll be lucky if they get to half of that.

Good to know about the post icons being gone, but are they really gone site wide? There is still a column for them and they are still there in the subscriptions table.

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