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Quote: Originally Posted by ENTERPRISE View Post
Hello all,

I have an upcoming build regarding TR2. I will be going with the 2990WX. I have watched and read some fantastic reviews regarding the MSI MEG Creation for TR2, it looks like an incredible board. However I wanted to know what we (you guys) thought about the Gigabyte Aorus Extreme for TR2. The MSI Meg Creation has 19 Phases, this is actually 8 on doubler so far as the review has indicated. The Gigabyte Aorus extreme states 10+3 phases, but other than that I do not know much about the phase configuration for that board as I am struggling to find information on it. I am also a little bit of a noob so far as phase go.

Both these boards are like for like in mainly everything, but I want to make sure I have the best and most stable power delivery for the CPU as it is a beast especially when sitting at an all core OC.

MSI Meg Creation: https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/MEG-X399-CREATION

Gigabyte Auros Extreme: https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard...REME-rev-10#kf

In all honesty I am only bothered by the power delivery of these boards, looks and other features are secondary.

Thanks in advance for any wisdom.


The board qualitatively sems good, the aesthetis is horrible, but on theflipide at least the VRM heatinks are good and big....that being said MSI has never release a BIOS with offset voltage, which if that is the case all these VRMS are almost a total waste, as there would be no way to benefit from them nor get good efficiency....so u would likely end up runnign ur CPU with high voltages, inefficiently at the cot of massive heat....and a CPU like this even at stock, is not a CPU u wanna have in any environment that doesnt have at least 12k BTU of air conditioning for a small room...YOu will definitely wanna have at least a dedicated 480 MM radiator ONLY for the CPu...and YOu will definitley wanna make sure it is decoupled in some other room than where u working with it.

ALSO you lose one PCI slot...which makes it now obvious that for THeradripper 2 Dual socket size motherboards to host this CPU are a mst at this point, as it make sno sense to have this wonder CPU if u cant slot in at least 7 GPUS or even 8 as PCIe gen 4/5 is behind the corner.

So I would stay put for now UNLESS im sure there is voltage offset.

But I strongly suspect that threadripper 32 core will not sell much at all becuase in all honesty there is not one single motherboard made for it...THIS MSI motherboard is well l build but even if had voltage offset would be really way underfeatured.

You are way better off into buying a dual socket EPYC system if CPU is what matters for You, OR a single socket HPC single socket system that can host 8 gpus which is at this moment the only viable solution for those who are into 3d content worth buying.

Asus will not make any motherboards for threadripper 2 they have been copy pasting the same mother board for intel and AMD for ages now...and in all honesty the Zenith ROG is a total piece of crap as it is designed for fashion victims and not content creators or professionals, and in no way can manage the AMD W series....believe Me you DO NOT wanna hear those ****ty lats minute micro fans they pushing to kids..and spending this kind of money to score 5 k in cinebench u better off with two cheap epyc and score higher in total silence.....You can ind real life performance results in Chaos Group Vray bench marks pages.

If Your scope is gaming and streaming, dont waste Your money and stick with a Ryzen 7


You should NOT buy into threadripper W series if You dont need at least 60 Teraflops of compute power and above, and You should be willing to spend at least 1500 dollars for a really robust coooling solution....forget about 360 gamers radiators think chillers or massive 60 mm 540 x180 only for the CPU, if u wanna use your machine in a liveable room and spend 20 dollars a month in air conditioning when ambient temperature is anything above 19 C
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