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Quote: Originally Posted by miklkit View Post
Dunno about the GT8, but my GT7 is a year old and running just fine. The vrm heat sink is just a lump of aluminum but I have never seen the vrms go over 60C @ 1.394v.

A quirk is that the case fans are tied to the system sensor instead of the cpu sensor. This means that while stress testing the cpu fans are wound up while the case fans are idling, but when gaming the cpu fans are coasting and the case fans are pushing lots of cool air into the gpu. My Fury rarely touches 60C.
60c on your VRMs? That sounds a bit high, I have never seen mine hit 40c even when benching on 1.5v+. You must have some really quiet fans in your case. Has your cpu ever become unstable when running high loads? My system right now is running 4.4ghz on all cores during full load and 1-4 cores on 4.45-4.5ghz during normal tasks and after an hour and 15 min of monitoring the VRM maxed at 30c and 30 min of that was near full load testing memory. I havent ever seen the cpu behavior at higher VRM temps so I am curious as to how it reacts during a stress test.

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