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Quote: Originally Posted by Dopamin3 View Post
Not a fair comparison. The C7H has a 10+2 phase configuration with Infneon IR3555, furthermore they are the only board vendor that puts the SOC phases between the CPU phases which results in even better temperatures. (see attached picture) It's also like double the price of the Biostar lol....

And yes @Solarity the Biostar X470GT8 looks like a really good board, ESPECIALLY given it's super competitive pricing. I just wish they would get away from the whole Racing / Vivid LED DJ crap as it's a bit gimmicky. But at it's price point there are no boards that compare. If I was on a budget I would strongly consider this board.
In all fairness it’s the only example I have to compare to since it’s the only board I have used for such testing. The comparison wasn’t to show which one was better, it was to see how’s your cpu reacts at a higher temp. 60c only seems high, idk if it actually is high for VRMs which is why I was asking if instability was experienced at that temp. It’s more for information purposes since I haven’t actually experienced VRMs running at that temp.

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