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Quote: Originally Posted by Dopamin3 View Post
No, 60C is pretty good for VRM load. It's like @The Pook said for VRM temps. You and I just happen to have the board with best VRM on AM4 so we're spoiled lol
I had saved for awhile bc I had a B350 when Ryzen first launched and the Bios was horrible, I think it was the B350GT5 or something to that effect. I bought a used Prime x370 after that and started saving for something that would last a long time and I love playing with memory timings so I wanted good traces and finally got the 2700x and C7H when it was released and It has been a great board compared to what I did have. The B350 I first started with had the worst bios and nothing to work with so I quickly learned that a good mobo is priority for my purposes. I never did any testing with it or the x370 on my 1700x though. I still have them in my storage so maybe ill put a test bench together and see how the 1700x performs now. I RMA'd my last 1700x since it was an early cpu, (7th week i think?) and the new one is still in the box from AMD taking up space on my desk. Was going to build my daughter a gaming computer with it but I didnt have any ddr4 memory and it was still ridiculous so she got the fx8350 I had a couple years ago with some ddr3 to play minecraft with

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