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The power stage in the MSI board is a few percentage points more efficient so even if it was matching Gigabyte's 10x, it'd still be ~10C lower at equal overclocks.

Tweaktown has a video of the 560A ( 8 x 70A ) beating 720A ( 12 x 60A ) by 10C from their youtube channel.

There is a guy on here that didn't use a chiller for a 5ghz 7980XE with 4000mhz/C16 ram. He had 3x2 dual ddcs ( 10W versions instead of the 18W (3.2) or the 20W ( 3.25 )) + 1 D5 + 5x480x60 ( older EK stuff ) + a Mora 3 420 + 2x2100mhz 1080 Tis ).
Are you going to try getting 4.2/4.3 on water?

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