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Quote: Originally Posted by HelpDatBIOS View Post
Because maybe they were slightly bent before and you didn't notice. The CPU socket is under extreme pressure once you lock it down

I meant the memory are very different, probably not even same brand. Usually memory IC's are only sold for short periods, buying same module a year apart 3 times almost guarantees none of them have the same IC chips under the hood.
I don't see this as a huge issue, I was only stating the fact on that, since you were already mixing memory and the one kit is really mixed itself too. Discussing the variables with you is all.

For 3x2GB auto everything may be OK or set to stock. For the other kit 6x8GB, or all together it's definitely not especially on QPI/Vtt voltage.

Set QPI/Vtt voltage 1.2, set memory voltage to 1.55. Often you get less than what you set and X58 was not designed for 1.5v memory, and it's probably giving you only 1.46-1.48 actual voltage anyway, then test with the 3x2GB kit and test again.

You still have not said what BIOS you are on either, please let us know, older BIOS may have issues directly relating to this that is fixed now in latest BIOS.

Running whatever the latest BIOS, FH I think, since it hasnt updated since 2012.

So you are saying that a pin can bent after a month of use without showing anything?

As I said if I just run one stick at DIMM0, it is fine. But one stick in DIMM2 and DIMM4 with the same setting, it gives error. So it is not a voltage issue but a hardware wise

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