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So here we have the first major issue of the build. The 24-pin being sleeved. Even using 18G wire, the cable itself is getting far too thick, too hard to manipulate, and would be impossible to complete. Getting the pins in by the end would be impossible, they're already overlapping. Photos included.

So instead it had to go unsleeved. Something will be figured out to make it look better by the end.

Once again, props goes to Heath from Tek by Design by doing this for me. He works with me in my shop sometimes, and is a great local modder to the Portland area.

Last little bits of sleeving that needs to be done for the fans, leaving just the eventually pump, and the CMOS batter whatever I plan to do with that.

Got the final memory for the build today as well, Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000MHz, 2x8GB kit.

Most of the build is done aside from collecting the watercooling gear, wrapping up sleeving, one final coat of paint and then sealant on the frame - and some last minor details.

Sadly most of my spare funds have run out, and might take a month or two more to finish the watercooling supplies, unless I get a response from those I reached out to as potential sponsors. (Nanoxia and Swiftech)
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