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Can you explain in details why would a pin under high but constant pressure will bent? If a sumo wrestler sit on top of you, you can hardly move. And once the sumo wrestler settles and doesnt move, assuming your bones are strong, your bone wouldnt break. Is only when the sumo wrestler in the act of sitting on you, when force is applied, you have a chance of break a bone. Once the force reach equilibrium it remains in equilibrium until some other force act upon it. This is what I am not understanding.

Yes I checked each stick, each pair, and all three/six together in another system and there were no error. Both the 3x2GB and 6x8GB.

The FH, which I have, is the latest.

I used 0-5 numbering system instead of 1-6 numbering system. Just shift everything by 1.

So last night, I finally have time to take my system out of the case and disconnect everything. Put the motherboard on a cardboard box, change the GPU to something that dont required 6/8pins so I dont have to deal with extra wires, use external fan. I also checked for bent pins while I am at it and found none. And no, I didnt ask anyone else to check since there were any tech savvy people at the time.
First, test a stick of 2GB in the DDR3_3 (using manual naming) and it didnt give me any error. Previously it did in the case.
Second, test the same stick in the DDR3_5 (using manual naming) and it didnt give me any error. Previously it did in the case.
Then, since I was going to bed, I put in the 6 sticks of 8GB and in the morning it gave me errors.
So now, I am testing DDR3_5 and DDR3_6 (using manual naming) using 2 sticks of 2GB and will do the same for DDR3_3 and DDR3_4 (using manual naming).
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