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Cracked and bent are two completely different things. You can easily fix a bent blade but not a cracked blade.

For memory, how would you test the slots? Many people, on this forum as well as other places, suggest you test one slot at a time. Thus, after you finished testing DDR3_1, you will only test DDR3_3, then only DDR3_5. Since the board cannot post if the only occupied slot are the evens, you are forced to test 2 slots at a time for the evens, thus DDR3_1 + DDR3_2, DDR3_3 + DDR3_4, and DDR3_5 + DDR3_6.
But what you saying is you can only test DDR3_1, then DDR3_1+DDR3_3, then DDR3_1+DDR3_3+DDR3_5, etc.

After testing DDR3_5 + DDR3_6 and DDR3_3 + DDR3_4 with no errors, I put back the 6x8GB and test overnight. Now that after 2 passes, there are still no error. Probably going to leave it to test until I get back home from work.
I am thinking now that maybe the solder on the memory slots are oxidized so when I remove and put back the sticks and moved the slots and make a better connection

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