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I never mentioned blade at all, you did, take that For your answer, depends on how good of a forgeman you are, and how fitting your forge is for the task at hand.
If you are good no one would know and it would be better/stronger than the original and it would be easier since a forgeman would rather do it right than bend it back in a slacking manner.
You have time to keep saying I'm wrong, or how I can't be right, and that's been taking days now, so it's all up to you if you really want to try and solve the issue or not.
I prefer to start there now, we could have covered that base long ago, especially when you took the board out and took images the other day.
I am sorry, I do know it can be a hassle to do that, but I've only asked for it once since the beginning.

Aside from bent pins, it can sometimes be pressure used in the heatsink mount, but that's highly unlikely unless you are torqueing things so tight you'd already wonder about that.
Other than those two things, it's almost always settings or incompatibility. Auto is never going to cut it, unless you are using some vanilla 3x2GB kit from back then made for X58, and a compatible CPU.

If it was me, I would show the person helping me try to figure out the issue some images of my CPU socket pins, from a few angles without flash in a brightly lit room.
Then I would start with the BIOS I posted few posts back, and make some adjustments to settings depending on the memory used, first using only the 3x2GB kit to see if that is stable or not.
If it is, then we remove it and try different settings with 3 of the 8GB sticks, then after that the next 3x8GB

For me to advise you on settings to try for the 3x8GB test I need to see it's XMP and SPD, preferably in AIDA64 or HWInfo64 if you have both, if not CPU-z and HWInfo64 will be OK

Other things to check on the board itself, make sure none of the caps are bent over (Like pushed aside with graphics card insertion/removal, or cable adjustments, or CD/DVD player.
When you take CPU socket images, check the backside and front of the board near CPU heatsink mount to be sure the PCB has not been scratched or gouged with the mounting hardware (mounting hardware may need to be removed to check)
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