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Quote: Originally Posted by TLCH723 View Post
Can you explain in details why would a pin under high but constant pressure will bent?
The pins are springs with a corner at the tip that is grabs the LGA pad when compressed.

Because neither the board nor the CPU are infinitely stiff, they can warp and the pins can slide out of place or otherwise shift position when pressure is applied, especially if it's applied unevenly.

It's not particularly uncommon for reseating a CPU and remounting a cooler to fix missing memory memory channels or other issues. It's certainly not always the culprit, but as it's fairly simple and easy to do, it's not far down the list on troubleshooting steps.

Quote: Originally Posted by TLCH723 View Post
Back to my original question, BESIDE BENT PINS, what other places should I check on the motherboard?
Any debris in the slots and any damage to any of the traces on the back of the board, in the vicinity of the DIMM slots or CPU.

Quote: Originally Posted by Jacor View Post
Hello, I'm looking to find some information about the compatibility of using an x5660 with my application. My system-board is the GIGABYTE GA-EX58-EXTREME motherboard and i have implementation related questions and concerns, but cannot find an owners group here on overclock. Please advise where would be a good place on here to find answer to some X58-Extreme board related questions and concerns.

Thanks for your attention fellow gigabyte customers.
I've also posted a little more detailed query @ https://www.overclock.net/forum/8-in...l#post27590132
Cheers everyone.
I would make sure you are using the newest firmware first, but your board will likely work with the X5660, though I have not personally tried it.

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