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External VRM FTW
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Quote: Originally Posted by bigblock990 View Post
Hey mllr, could you add the solder and flux you use for the copper plate epower mounts?
If you want to skip all the junk flux out there (at work I have tried 20+ different ones) and go straight to the best on earth then its Kester brand "Rework" style flux. You can get liquid style pens like I linked up in OP, or for heavy EPower plate modding you would probably prefer a thicker paste. I typically don't use any added flux, but it certainly makes your job easier.

There are many "rework flux" options but I have used both of these and I would highly recommend either:
RF771: https://www.kester.com/products/prod...71-rework-flux
RF741: https://www.kester.com/products/prod...41-rework-flux

You can find them on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Kester-RF741-...ct_top?ie=UTF8

FYI: These are "no clean" which means they are not electrically conductive so you can leave it on your PCB and it wont cause problems. However, I would always recommend cleaning your work after you are done with a small bristle brush (toothbrush works well) and alcohol.

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