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Most likely the right decision.
The 2080 etc cards are rebrands of the Volta/deep learning geared hardware. The cloud GPU compute business has exploded and that is where all of the money is, making the crypto nonsense just a tiny blip.

Don't believe me? Recently,NVIDIA strongly worded their terms of service to prohibit their GPUs for use in datacenters.

Raytracing? Who wants that? Pixar? Sure. Gamers, hell no (have you ever experienced choppy frames? and then turned on motion blur? and maxed antialiasing? great, if you like that feeling, just multiply the input lag by a small number and raytracing will hit the spot oh so well).

Nvidia is not telling you that you can do raytracing on a secondary GPU(s)...which don't necessarily have to be the same as the main GPU.
https://developer.nvidia.com/optix -> youtube vid, around minute 17 in the demo he talks about it.

And you might say, ooh but the 2080 Turing GPUs have these special units called "Raytracing cores"....

pshaw. All those are rebranded tensor multiplying units ie tensor cores from Volta.

Why do they need those? They really don't. But the feature is sold as a raytracing core which all it essentially does is something called "ML denoise" (machine/deep learning denoise).Essentially, all rendered raytraced scenes are grainy, then postprocessing is applied to each frame (oh yea, input lag for you) to denoise the frame. It is all in that https://developer.nvidia.com/optix page.

Why buy the 2080 TI? Because you think 15% more frames over the 1080TI is worth 1.2K? As opposed to overclocking the 1080Ti to beat that.
There will be no games worth playing with raytracing for next 5 years. And if there is, there is nothing precluding you from running raytraced games on current hardware. No current games will have it coded in. No incentive. Why break a "working" game to introduce a feature that will make game play worse and alienate 98% of your gamers.

Right, and the preorder thing...here is how these little schemes play out.
1) Create hype
2) No objective data, open for a limited time only, superselect, no=guarantee-that-you-may-get-one,preorder.
3) Release a tiny amount of cards to a few people, roughly leaving 90% or more preorders unfilled
4) Release an appologee Re:yields being low, hard to get quality as high as needed, embargo from a foreign nation, etc.
5) Announce that preorders will be released in a tiered approach, creating more hype and uncertainty
6) In the meantime, the few sheep that got product will experience something that is a cross between an "Emperor that just got his new clothes" and the kid from an Eddie Murphy skit that gets to buy ice cream and tease the kids that can't get ice cream. This further instills jealousy and unwarranted promotion.
7) Exponentially release the flood of cards which were good to go from day 1, ultimately depleting the entire run as soon as possible, before the lukewarm performance is widely known (think Frontier Edition card from AMD).

Now that you know, do the right thing, whichever that may be.

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