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Quote: Originally Posted by Aenra View Post
Not my field this, but when this is literally the only site (out of literally what, thousands?) that behaves like this, i tend to think it's probably not me.

Now maybe the users having no issue have 10GBps lines or something and whatever all that crap running in the background demands, they can meet it. And if so, we're talking about crap that's being allowed to run in the background.
Maybe it's a matter of said bloatware again, albeit in terms of its 'mixing' with software such as ublock origin; perhaps they don't mix all that well.

But it is a problem, it's only here and it's related to all the new shiny.. stuff that loads in the background. After the transition. Not before, not ever and not elsehwere.

Now this is not my field, again, lol, but the above tells me that rather than asking users to tell you their countries, speeds, tracing, etc.? Logic suggests you'd better off looking into what's running here; and why.
Have you done this and failed to mention it? Not done this because you're confident it's on the user side?

Am frankly not sure of the purpose of this thread; though don't misunderstand me, i appreciate its existence.
I wanted to get a general feel for what uses thought about the performance at our current state. I can then take that consensus to the developers and look where we can make improvements. No blame either way has been suggested, this is just a gauging exercise.

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