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Game engines moving toward real time ray tracing is just progress, and the RTX is the jumping off point. The BIG problem is that people with high end cards are use to gaming at 144 FPS, and I really doubt ray tracing anything will be much beyond 60 FPS at least for a few generations. That motion difference will mean more than visual quality.

All that being said, new technology excites me, and I ordered two Nvidia RTX 2080 cards with EK blocks and plates. Its not practical nor sensible, but that's not the point.

On the software note...I read an article a day or so ago that said Nvidia was going to be including overclocking into the RTX version of GeForce Experience. Interestingly, a demo was done using EVGA's new software, but Nvidia said the function would be the same in their software/driver. I would guess the partner software would give you access to proprietary features as to sensors and lighting.
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