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Quote: Originally Posted by kithylin View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by Currency Lad View Post
OK. Anyone know why the first page (and all its links) are inaccessible?

Short of that, I managed to find the skyn3t BIOS I was after on a Polish website:

But does anyone have a link to the EZ3Flash tool?

[EDIT]: Scratch all of the above. Turns out it was just OCN's "Enhanced Mobile View" causing the first page to show completely blank. Other pages work fine. Go figure!

Come on OCN - fix this nonsense.
Why would you flash any other bios other than what came with your card? We have all the editing tools for years now. Just post your bios and describe what you want done to it and either I or someone else will edit it for you. It's much safer to edit the original bios for your card and it's quite dangerous to ever flash any other bios to your card for any reason.
Thanks for your response.

I know that BIOS editing tools for the Kepler series have been around since the release of GTX 780 but these weren't without their own problems.

The skyn3t BIOSes have been available since the start of this thread and successfully used by many users. They edit at a deeper level than Kepler BIOS Tweaker can achieve. Specifically, they disable GPU Boost 2.0 and allow a higher power target, enabling higher stable overclocks. You would need to research the earliest posts in this now 2500 page thread (particularly skyn3t's and OccamRazor's posts) for details.

I myself successfully used skyn3t's BIOS for my own water-cooled GTX 780 cards back in the day (running GTX 1080Ti now).

This request obviously wasn't for myself but for a nephew who has a pair of EVGA reference cards in SLI that he wants to get more out of.

Having said all that, I welcome your offer and will happily post his GPU BIOS when I find the time to work on them.

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