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Quote: Originally Posted by Currency Lad View Post
Thanks for your response.

I know that BIOS editing tools for the Kepler series have been around since the release of GTX 780 but these weren't without their own problems.

The skyn3t BIOSes have been available since the start of this thread and successfully used by many users. They edit at a deeper level than Kepler BIOS Tweaker can achieve. Specifically, they disable GPU Boost 2.0 and allow a higher power target, enabling higher stable overclocks. You would need to research the earliest posts in this now 2500 page thread (particularly skyn3t's and OccamRazor's posts) for details.

I myself successfully used skyn3t's BIOS for my own water-cooled GTX 780 cards back in the day (running GTX 1080Ti now).

This request obviously wasn't for myself but for a nephew who has a pair of EVGA reference cards in SLI that he wants to get more out of.

Having said all that, I welcome your offer and will happily post his GPU BIOS when I find the time to work on them.
I did not know any of this. I was under the impression we can easily disable the power limits in kepler bios editor by just setting some high amount the card will never be able to reach (no matter how far you overclock it) like 600 watts, and then just flash it. Also, you never want to completely disable boost. You generally want to just raise the boost clock higher. But, I've had problems with my EVGA classified GTX 780 not applying the voltage I specify in kepler bios tuner so maybe the program doesn't tune everything it's supposed to. It does seem to at least disable power limits though.
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