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Quote: Originally Posted by kithylin View Post
Thanks for the info. My GTX 780 in my "Retro Computer" today is the EVGA GTX 780 Classified version and is supposed to be one of 3 cards in the 780 line (the others being MSI Lightning and The K|NGP|N) that are supposed to allow unlimited voltage control well beyond 1.212v. And in fact in the beginning I had mine running at 1.287v under a custom bios I tuned myself with Kepler Bios Tweaker just fine. I don't know exactly what happened but then later in the same computer I saw it was only running 1.208v suddenly. And now I can't get it to go any higher than 1.208v no matter what I do. If I had an EEVBOT I could probably push it further but sadly they're Unobtanium. I'm still leery about using any other bios and I currently have the card stable @ 1267 Mhz even with 1.208v max, so I'm happy enough with it as is. And that's with full boost table enabled with multiple steps and letting the card boost up/down all over the place as it needs to, which also leads to nice power consumption. I got lucky and got a card with 84% ASIC Quality used off ebay. And it's air cooled with the (admittedly huge) factory air cooler from EVGA and perfectly fine. Maxes out 75c in gaming, 84c in benchmarks, but that might be the crappy small case I have it in and might be improved in a bigger case later. My only complaint is back when I had the voltage successfully running at 1.287v with my kepler-bios-tweaker-tuned-stock-bios on it, it would run 7804 Mhz ram perfectly stable all day, I have benchmark results from it running that ram clock and everything. But now down at 1.208v I had to drop it down to 7220 Mhz ram speed for stability. I'm still not sure what exactly happened there. Maybe the card's degrading, but I doubt that. EVGA Classified cards are designed to run high OC 24-7 for years.
Fair enough. That's certainly a nice card you have. Not sure if skyn3t ever made a BIOS specifically for the Classy (he did for the Galaxy HOF) but in any case, given your possible degradation issues, it probably wouldn't be wise anyway.

Sorry to hear about your possible degradation. Not knowledgeable enough to be able to pinpoint the cause for sure. I do know that on air the VRMs will run 20-30 degrees Celsius hotter than your core even under the best of circumstances. If you're running it in a small case starved of airflow and hitting 84 degrees Celsius on the core during benchmarks, then the VRMs may have been getting stressed.

It probably wouldn't hurt to put it in a case with better airflow for the long-term health of the card.

Still, 7220MHz is still a pretty nice overclock for the memory. Not sure that any higher would be that much noticeable in games.

Were you able to hit higher than 1267MHz on the core when you had the voltage at 1.287V? Remember, my cards were on water with the VRMs additionally cooled by the block and also the water was chilled, which is the only reason I was able to hit 1350MHz.
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