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Quote: Originally Posted by kithylin View Post
Well I have a water loop in the system that could handle that card and I have a credit card. I would -LOVE- to get a block for that card but can't find one anywhere today. And yeah I know about the vrm heating. I forgot to mention that I do have the EVGA Classified Voltage tool stand-alone utility and I can manually set it to 1.287v again, click apply and it will run 1.287v just fine and even run the higher ram clock I had before perfectly fine, stable, no crashing and just hunky dory all day. So there's nothing wrong with the card physically, I even gamed on it in ark evolved with the card @ 100% load for about 8 hours straight last week @ 1.287v and ram back up (via afterburner) at 7804 Mhz again. It didn't give any issues at all. It just.. won't apply via bios and I don't understand it. I must be doing something wrong.
Well, I'm glad to hear there's nothing wrong with the card physically. Still, better airflow never hurts.

Yeah, I think your chances of finding a waterblock for the Classy today are pretty slim. Maybe post a request in the wanted section of OCN and other forums.

I do vaguely recall Classy owners posting that they had to run the voltage tool to get the voltages to hold. But you'd need the patience to search through this thread to find those posts.

There is a dedicated thread for the Classy (and Kingpin) here on OCN which you probably already know about:


They appear to have moved on to the newer generations of cards, but maybe one of the older members can help you.

Good luck!
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