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Quote: Originally Posted by ajc9988 View Post
In my opinion, for what it's worth, we need to separate the VRM into two parts: 1) ability to deliver power, and 2) effectiveness of companies' cooling solutions.

Now, for cooling solutions, they all suck, just some worse than others. The GB solution seems to have the worst heat dissipation, followed by the taichi. If not for being useless decorative blocks, these companies could have done better. Asus isn't much better in these regards. The MEG creation gets around this by spreading heat to more phases, allowing cooler operation. How I for around this on my taichi is universal water blocks from koolance. With that, my VRM stay roughly between 20-50C, depending on ambient and load, with low 40s being common under load when ambient is in the high 60s F. hint, hint MB MFRS)!

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Those blocks are not just decorative if the board is enclosed in a aircooled case and there is plenty of air flowing around them. But clearly... taking a saw and make some fins out of it would be more effective.

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