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Quote: Originally Posted by MNMadman View Post
Bare bones tests? CPU, GPU, one stick of RAM, boot drive only...
I haven't tried bare bones, but I know it still does it with just one drive connected and a single GTX 760.

Quote: Originally Posted by Beatwolf View Post
Does this happen also shortly after turning the system on or is it after longer usage? What about the PSU? Which one do you have?

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The PSU is a Corsair CX750M. It has done it shorty after start up and it has done it hours after running. No real consistency on when it does it. I've gone days or even weeks with no issues and then it will come back all the sudden.

Quote: Originally Posted by BroadPwns View Post
Check Event Viewer, might be some driver getting funky. I had same story, but it hard locked, which went away after a few minutes. Viewer showed that nvidias drivers kept dying.
Usually it does hard lock. But I can still use the mouse. For example I can right click and click refresh and that box just stays on the screen.

I've also noticed when I've been able to open task manager up, the GPU usage is -1% which I thought was strange.

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