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Quote: Originally Posted by Scrimstar View Post
Hello, I may have messed up by resetting cmos
I used @BIOS tool to update my mobo from FA revision to FH revision, But I got constant detecting RAM errors, causing 4 reboots before loading into windows. I decided to hard reset cmos, by turning off power and pressing clr cmos button for a minute, then turn on and reset cmos again.
It booted before I reset cmos, and windows was working. Tried doing 1 RAM and 2 RAM with different RAM models, but still the same motherboard lights. I am not sure what the lights mean. I am now leaving the motherboard battery out for a little bit. I really don't want to reinstall the CPU with my old i7 930, update bios, and then reinstall x5650...

UPDATE: I installed the i7 930, same exact issue :'(

Any suggestions to remedy? No post screen, no keyboard lighting up.

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I have the same problem. I was doing 6x8GB until couples months ago and stop working. People said to check for bent pins but I doubt thats your problem.

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