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You need to google how to force dual BIOS recovery for gigabyte boards, there is a few methods, keep at it and you will get it. If not, order CH341A flash programmer and SOIC8 test clip cable, so you can reprogram main BIOS. @BIOS may have killed your BIOS (Not fried, just badly programmed. Possibly not though, since it booted to windows for you once after the @BIOS flash.

Do you have your memory in the correct slots now? White slots only when using 1-3 modules. I did see your image, with one stick in a correct slot, so if it's still there or middle white slot that's OK.

It could also be fail safe compatibility issue with your graphics card (fail safe is loaded when you clear CMOS, until you load optimized again). Try another older graphics card or PCI card if you have one, and try other slots too, to rule out this issue.
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