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CPU Failure Or what ??

Hi all,

Last week I had been using my computer as normal for more than a year and since I built it. No problems whatsoever. when one day I woke up, switch it on and it would only stay on for a seconds before switching off automatically. I unplugged the PSU for a few minutes, plugged it back in and this time it would start but it wouldn't boot at all (no POST).

The QLED code displayed is 96 and the VGA LED ON. Nothing comes out of the speaker plugged into the motherboard. I have disconnected all SATA devices, removed the graphics card and sound card and removed all four RAM sticks. The computer is now just the CPU, the CPU cooler and the motherboard (with the PSU of course).

I changed the the graphics card
then the PSU
tested my 32G ram all OK
and I bought another motherboard

and I got the same problem VGA LED stays on and nothing happens

My motherboards the old one

x99 A
the new one

My CPU is an Intel Core i7-5820K.

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