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Quote: Originally Posted by rluker5 View Post
What is nView doing in there? That doesn't seem right.
As I was not so known with what nView is, I Searched it up and found this:
“NVIDIA nView is a Desktop Management Software for NVIDIA NVS and NVIDIA Quadro products. nView delivers a range of tools & functions that enables users to efficiently manage their system’s single or multi monitor workspace as well as accelerate the navigation through their system’s information. nView is also available as part of the display driver package. Use this standalone version if you need to update nView independently, without updating the NVIDIA Display Driver.”


Checked release notes on some older drivers, and it was part of those drivers as well. Not sure exactly what it does, since there is no settings to change or any active service running called nView. Perhaps more settings for those running Quadro?

Here are the release notes if someone has more time to dig in: https://us.download.nvidia.com/Windo...ease-notes.pdf

Quote: Originally Posted by Baasha View Post
"Battlefield V - AFR re-enabled"

LOL wut?
Think there was some temporary issues where they decided to disable it. They have done so before as well hehe

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