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Quote: Originally Posted by rluker5 View Post
Yea, I've seen nview in quadro drivers before and thought it was exclusively for them. I figured it was so that businesses with multi monitor setups would have to buy quadros for the best support. Maybe windows 10 multi monitor support has gotten good enough to largely obviate it and they are trying to get some use out of it by tossing it in with geforce. Or maybe like you said: for quadro users running geforce drivers, if that is a thing.
Just seemed like an out of place freebie from Nvidia. It is a standalone thing if I remember right. I picked up a $30 kepler based quadro a couple years back to see if geforce drivers were holding back my tv's supposed 10 bit capabilities and mostly learned how geforce and quadro don't get along very well together.

Maybe it is a goof in the notes.
Think it might have begun for Quadro only, however it seems to have been part of Geforce drivers a long while as well. Found some release notes for over 1year old drivers and it was present there as well. But no settings or anything that I have ever seen for it.

Edit: "mostly learned how geforce and quadro don't get along very well together." Care to elaborate? Do not have much experience with their professional series, and this got me curious!

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