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Quote: Originally Posted by DzillaXx View Post

Some of you guys make me laugh.

Most 90's cars are ugly as sin, especially from GM.

I honestly love being able to remote start my Camaro from my phone, or even just having the option to unlock from phone in the rare case that it may need to be done. I don't have any of that automated driving crap though. But if they want to know that I like to Drive with my top down and Stereo turned up, they know what to improve for next time. Granted GM cars have always been pretty mediocre, and sadly my Camaro falls into that. Should have gone MX-5.

But hey, still have my old Jeep. Can't data mine that. 200k miles and counting, they got awhile before this thing dies.

I'm still 100% onboard with a car that will drive me anywhere I want. Bring it on world. I take a 400mile round trip every other week, I would love being able to do better things with that time.

The issue is that they cram all these features in with barely a care for security. Chrystler and Alfa Romeo had massive security issues just in the last year or two with people remotely hacking their cars and shutting off engines on the highway. As more cars go to servo steering, and electronic brakes in addition to the electronic throttles we have now just imagine the fun hackers will have steering you around and into walls.

These systems need to be entirely able to be disabled from remote connection while driving so no hacking can take control of the vehicle away from you, preferably with a mechanical switch that physically decouples the connection so that the owner must choose to enable it. The remote connection also needs to be entirely modular and able to be replaced with newer units once hardware security flaws are discovered in old units that cannot be fixed in software.

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