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Quote: Originally Posted by Alex132 View Post
In the late 1980s - early 2000s the Japanese cars kinda ruled the roost.
There are a handful of jap cars from that era I just like. Like the MR2 and Miata. But Honestly never liked any of the tin can eco boxes with really cheap interiors. Like the Honda Civics of the world. Though everyone has their own preference on their level of comfort inside a vehicle, I spent enough time in friend's jap "death traps" to never want to own one. Sorry buy I'd take an old Comfy Buick from the late 90's with the 3.8 over any jap eco box. And I hate the grandma look of those old Buicks, but I'd take interior comfort over exterior looks any day of the week.

My first car was a 97 LHS with the 3.5, had almost 300k miles by the time it stopped working. All the bells and whistles you could ask for at the time. God I hate how modern cars don't have those super comfy pillow seats. Thing got around the same mpg my current car gets.... just no where near as fast.

No surprise really that larger vehicles lead in sales these days. I wouldn't buy a car that wasn't sporty.

Smaller cars were by far more popular in the 90s, and a big reason why those jap cars sold well.
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