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Good. Google has far too much of a stranglehold on android smartphones. It takes work, custom roms, and other things to actually get around it. It's similar to the lawsuit Netscape brought against Microsoft when they started bundling explorer into windows. The problem is google has pushed everyone into their play store as a way of getting apps. Even if you try to painstakingly avoid google stuff, a lot of apps don't work without the google play services. It's becoming a closed ecosystem with a lot of similarities to Apple.

Except, google is much worse. They track WAY more information than they need. It's a spy system in the worst form, but it's convenient and hard not to use.
I made a seperate gmail account for gaming/youtube. When google acquired youtube they wanted a google+ profile and were showing full names in youtube comments. 2 years later, I realized I hadn't gone through every security setting in google settings for my 2nd account. They had been tracking every time I opened an app, down to the day/minute/second it was opened. I told them to stop tracking me. Now they don't show me the information, but I'm doubt they stopped gathering the data.

Companies don't need that much information. The more alternatives to google, the better off the android ecosystem is.
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