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Quote: Originally Posted by bbowseroctacore View Post
nv latest driver 416.34 gave my 780 sli some awfull issues - back to 411.7 we go....anyone else have issues?
People in the ARK: Survival Evolved community are reporting wide-spread BSOD's / Blue Screen crashes in ARK with 416.34, even on pascal / 1080 Ti cards, and not just limited to the new RTX cards. I'm on 411.7 with my 1080 Ti and have had no issues with ARK and my one friend I play with daily that has a new RTX 2080 Ti and uses 416.34 is getting random ark crashes and BSOD's too.

So apparently it's a bad driver for everyone stability wise. It effects newer cards too.

What are your problems you're experiencing with 416.34? Crashes? Blue screens?
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