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Hello asus x hero z370 bios 1704 8700k
I figured out how adaptive mode works.

Best settings are

Svid best cinario
Svid to enabled
Load line level 6 (7 is max )
Ia/dc load line 0.01
Cpu power min max power 4555 both
Total adaptive volts 1.28v
Adaptive offset none .

Now i get " up to " 0.040v spikes on avx loads example , bf1 , some apps .
So 1.28v + 0.040v spike = 1.32v
Offseting it and using load line 5 vs 6
= worse results or vdrop or same out come .

The fix is
Use a avx offset of - 1
Why you ask ? Cause -1 avx offset
Now only spikes "up to " 0.016v !
So 1.28v + 0.016v = 1.296v max

In the end with adaptive mode this

No avx offset = "up to " 0.040v spikes
Avx offset -1 = " up to" 0.016v spikes
Avx offset - 2 = barly no spike at all.

Thats the final reason why .

I settled with 5.0/5.1 avx -1 @ 1.28v adaptive get up to 1.296v im happy with that. Vs no avx offset and geting 0.040v spikes 🙂
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