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Carrying virtual machines on a portable HDD?


I have 4 TB portable hard drive. I have one laptop and one desktop PC (the one in my profile )

I always work with virtual machines (VMWare). I always need my Ubuntu Virtual Machine, sometimes on my desktop PC and sometimes on my laptop.

What is the best way to use my Ubuntu virtual machine on both systems (not simultaneously)?

My plan is to put my virtualised Ubuntu on the portable hard drive. I can connect my portable HDD into whichever computer I want and then can easily use it.

Would I experience performance issues then? I hope not.

I do not want to put my virtual machines on network share because I sometimes work outside my apartment and have no access to my local network when I am not home.

Renting a private server for this should also be out of question, because I am sometimes in places without internet or extremely bad internet.

Please move the thread to the correct subforum if this is the right sub forum. I checked where I can create this thread but I could not find a suitable place.

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