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I believe there is only one version of this card (with 2 DVI ports), because I don't see other revisions on Gigabyte's site. That's why I think the BIOS to which I posted a link in my first post is not the official one. I hope that someone else (except me) have such card, and that he/she has the skills to click 5 times in GPU-Z to upload the original BIOS.

I have checked all 980Ti cards on Gigabyte's site, and this one (GV-N98TG1-GAMING-6GD) has the same outputs as my card, but I am not sure if I should flash my card with it. Currently my card is flashed with this one, but sometimes I lose picture for a moment or indefinitely while on 1080p60hz or 4k60hz (on the display itself, because if I connect with TeamViewer, I can see that everything is working fine), however on 1080p120hz I never lose picture on the display, which is really strange. If it may be of consequence, I'm using the HDMI output.

Also I have tested this - the same display used with the integrated Intel GMA UHD 630 at 1080p60hz or 4k30hz (the GPU doesn't support 4k60hz) never loses picture, using the same HDMI cable.

Does anyone use the GV-N98TWF3OC-6GD with the GV-N98TG1-GAMING-6GD BIOS? Is it safe and will it work?

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