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Quote: Originally Posted by deepor View Post
I have a feeling what normal people think of "math" isn't important at all for programming. There is another math that's weird and abstract and about logic and not really useful for anything and that one might train the brain for programming, but you won't run into that kind of math in beginner courses. I bet it's best to just practice programming directly, without going through the math route.
You are probably right. My experience with programming is strictly related to engineering. So any programming I have done is fairly math intensive.

I’m sure there are plenty of programming applications that are not math heavy, but I truly believe that the more math you know, the more you will be able to do with software.

But I’m not sure why you say logic is not useful. Knowing if something is true (1) or false (0) is extremely useful.

In my experience, the guys that say math is unimportant are always the guys who are scared of math.

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