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I've always hated the flared head. I understand companies think it makes their mouse aesthetically striking, or more recognizable as a 'gamer' mouse, but form and function should come before aesthetics and marketing. There are mice with flared heads that don't really effect the grip on the mouse. I personally think it looks kinda dumb, and logically there is no reason for an overly contoured or excessive element to the design of a mouse whether it effects the grip/shape or not.

I actually like your picture, because it really shows off that a mouse doesn't need a whole bunch of extraneous stuff going on to 'look marketable'. That FK1 is blowing the other two away, in my mind.

Anyway, good honest feedback. There is a similar shaped mouse that someone brought up, Lioncast LM50. It's available, and I really shouldn't bite the bullet on it, but it has a hump like that without the flare. I had never heard of Lioncast and they basically want 60 US for LM50, which is pretty steep for a company I've never heard of in the US. But...if the flare was your problem with this mouse, it might be one to look at...and provide another insightful drunk review on.
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