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Thanks @The Pook that's funny stuff! (How am I supposed to tag you with a space in your name?)

@Woofer14123 , you don't have to wait for one of those, but if you don't feel confident I would understand. I've bent a few chips pretty bad, few times even with the chip puller too, so it's understandable.
I've dropped them on the desk or floor and they've bent too, it's far to easy to bend these things! If you want, you can order same or similar chip on ebay, maybe from closer seller too, so you could try wedging it out and then if it breaks you'll have another on the way.
Usually you can bend the legs back as long as it's not too terrible of a mess

I'm with you, I have no clue what unlocking a sound card or onboard LAN would do, or why they can be locked or unlocked etc? Lost me there too, did what you read explain more, why it's locked or unlocked, and what unlocking does?
If you are talking about updating BIOS modules, for audio or LAN then yes, that can be done, especially for LAN, maybe for Audio if there is a specific module and you know where the update or a BIOS with the update is then I can probably do that for you too.

You can disable ME, but it can cause you issues, ME on your end is used for controlling many things, clock speeds, crystal frequencies, device timings, etc many things relating to how the board actually runs.
I do not advise considering this as a viable option for any normal home user, daily computer use etc. Maybe if you are part of Anonymouse you might need to do this, but if that was the case you'd already be using Linux or Backtrack

People flash modified BIOS for all kinds of reasons, to update certain BIOS level drivers (Roms/Modules etc) like LAN orom, RAID Rom, CPU microcodes, Intel ME, and often many simply mod to unlock settings that the manufacturer may have hidden or just not enabled.
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