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Custom Power Cable & Sata Cables for the HDDs

I’m making one custom power cable to power both of the HDDs. It’s a little tricky because the power cable will have to go over and between some of the tubing going to the HDD waterblocks.

That is why I had to mock up some tubing to figure out how to make the power harness the correct lengths. So today I’ll cover the power harness and SATA cables, and the next update I’ll cover the tubing portion.

To start with I used two 30cm Akasa SATA cables cables and sleeved them with the matching MDPC-X Italian Red sleeve.

You can see from here the front SATA cable will have to go between two tubes, and the front power cable will go over the top of some tubing.

I made up a cable going directly to the rear HDD with no sleeving put in place to see exactly where I want to put the splice. The blue tape marks the splice location and the shorter cable on the bottom is the length going to the front HDD.

I just measure 2 1/2” from the terminal and put the piece of tape on the wire to mark the spot.

This is about the only time I ever use this type of a wire stripper. I just squeeze this around each edge of the blue tape, and then cut down the wire with an X-acto knife to remove the insulation from the middle of the wire.

Wires all stripped and ready to solder.

It’s a production line now, soldered all five up.

I put a piece of heat shrink over the solder.

Here the first wire is done. I start by melting the sleeving on both SATA terminals, then pull both sleeves down towards the solder joint and hold those in place with a piece of heat shrink. Then I melt the sleeve on the six pin aux connector end, and use one more piece of heat shrink to hold that sleeve at the solder joint.

Second wire is done. I’m going to stick with the theme of mostly red with some black and grey. So I’m going with three red wires, one black and one grey.

A quick shot of my work bench with stuff strewn all over The monitor in front is actually a feed from my security cameras I just have to turn the monitor on. The monitor on the right is what I use on whatever computer I’m working on. Out of view on the left is a TV with a satellite/DVR receiver. I often have a football or basketball game on while I’m out here working.

Not the best picture but here’s the finished cable.

If you are going to make your own cables, always double check your work. I use one of these testers, and I actually accidentally mixed up the 12v and 3.3v wires at the six pin connector end. Glad I caught that one!

Now you can see why I put the splice so close to the HDDs. The majority of the harness you can see going through the center case opening is nice and clean with the splice up high where it’s less visible.

Finally here’s the cable from the back side. It’s the cable right below the eco switch on the back of the power supply. I’m now using all five of the aux power ports on this power supply.

Next up is more tubing

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