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This is silly. Google can't put their own software in their own software. They better go after Apple for this as well. First Microsoft, then Google. EU is overstepping this. There is no logic in which this makes sense. They provide what is free from them for you to use. If you don't want to use it, then go download another one. I would understand if Google prevented the download of other browsers or searches, but from the looks of it, they aren't.

I bet Apple, Firefox, and MS will be happy that their search and browsers are now options on the install.

All Google provides on their platform is a base, it isn't a forced gridlock into their stuff only; so users are already free to jump around as they wish. Next thing you know, EU will sue Google because the Google Pixel can only be used with Android and not some other 3rd party OS that isn't a fork, or even iOS.

The EU needs to dissolve.

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