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Quote: Originally Posted by b.walker36 View Post
My company was acquired by IBM 2 years ago. I have to say I was very nervous at first but I think overall they did a really good job considering how small we were and how big they are. I was definitely surprised and 2 years later I'm still there.

Edit: Side note I'm super excited that I now get access to all this cool Red Hat stuff.
@SuperZan , the reason I'm so confident in saying RH distro and support business won't be touched is because it's a fundamental backbone and strategically something IBM just does not understand. They aren't going to kill the fundamental cashcow for the customer chain they just spent $34B to acquire.

They also have a recent tendency to buy and for the most part leave well enough alone. Internal IBM culture might not have moved much, but they are at least fundamentally aware of their massive blind spots and don't kill the mojo of most of the firms they acquire, recently at least.

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