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Quote: Originally Posted by Avonosac View Post
This guy gets it.

I'm not super enthused by this, mostly because it seemed many technology naive orgs were finally getting out from under the thumb of IBM et. al., and I don't get the warm and fuzzies here. However, I've had to give M$ some credit in some ways lately for not being absolutely terrible and we always need to reevaluate based on the facts as they change.
I migrated to Windows purely because this is where the market went - running OS/2 - (or Linux for that matter) just wasn't an option any more. Windows is better than it was, but still pretty terrible. I just wonder if IBM will make something from RH that could compete with Windows not only for cloud, but maybe even desktop computing.

It could be very interesting time - imagine if they come out with something based on RH with their own desktop, APIs and tools, to compete with MS Windows Desktop? About time MS had some competition - in whatever area that might be.

IBM still has many clients using it's tech. If they port (or have ported) their APIs and services to Linux this would be an ideal opportunity to offer these clients up to date services while makig it easy to move to the new platform.

Arguably, when IBM was split up by the US gov, they inadvertently helped create MS, giving it an advantage. MS is now bigger than IBM ever was, and might stay that way with Azure.

And we all 'get it' - it's just a discussion

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